Our Handlers, K9s and K9 Backers

Our dedicated team provides aid with dogs trained in air scent and human remains detection.

Kara Schaeffer- Team Director

K9s handled by Kara:


Allah Malala – (Certified Operational Air-Scent and Human Remains Detection Dog)


Patti Thompson- Assistant Director

K9 Handled by Patti:

cora german shepherd search and rescue dog

K9 Cora- Certified Operational Air-Scent and human remains detection dog

 Bob Montgomery- Information Coordinator/Team Treasurer


Kevin Pier- Operational K9 Handler

K9s handled by Kevin:

blask gsd dog training binghamton ny search and rescue

K9 Greta-Advanced Human Remains & Water recovery certified



Zena- in training

Neil Price- K9 Handler in Training

K9 handled by Neil:

Neil and delta SAR black lab

K9 Delta- (In Training)

Andy Johnston – K9 Handler in Training

K9 handled by Andy:

duck tolling retriever binghamton ny search dog

Halifax In Training


Dan Williams- K9 handler in training

K9 handled by Dan:

search dog wired haired griffon binghamton ny

K9 Cooper- In Training

David Francis- K9 Handler in Training



K9 Lola-In Training







Amanda Scarpato – K9 Handler

K9s handled by Amanda:


K9 Quincy-(In Training)

Erik Warren- K9 Handler In Training

K9 handled by Erik:

GSD search and rescue dog Artemis

K9 Artemis- (In Training)


Jim MacDonald-Operational K9 Handler

K9 handled by Jim:

Jim MacDonald and K9 Kimo

K9 Kimo- Certified Operational-Air Scent Dog

Al Morrongiello -K9 Backer

Al Morrongiello (K9 Backer)

(K9 Backer- assists K9 handlers on searches)

Avy Williams -JR K9 Backer/ Training assistant



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